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About Lauraland



Things are different in Lauraland. The concepts are bigger, aesthetics are richer, and the creative will make you see the value in design.

As a graphic designer from Arizona State University’s School of Visual Communication, Laura has always loved a mix of refined designs, texture, pattern, typography, and bold color. Learning her craft with a mind on swiss design style, she rules her territory with a “less is more”, form over function, nature.

So what is Lauraland? For Laura, it’s an escape from the daily grind. It’s a place to come visit when you need a refresh; an escape from the everyday deluge. Mostly, Lauraland is a vacation from the obvious and a place where the flowing rivers of creative design meet and help give life to the industries of business. Welcome to Lauraland.

Lauraland’s cards and designs have been recognized by many online publications, including The Loveliest Dayand One Hitched Lane.

To see some more of my work and find out more about me, take a look at the link to follow. I provide professional services as well as heartwarming custom designs that fit your needs. Find me on Thumbtack

Community Involvement
Laura is a proud member of the Roxborough community in Littleton, Colorado, and it is very important for her to stay involved in it. Since launching in June 2013, she has worked with the following:

Proud members of the Roxborough Business Association.

Designs + creates for Whipped Bakery

Denver Botanical Gardens Proud CSA volunteer at the Botanical Garden